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Enquiries from Vets

If you are from a veterinary practice looking to offer Petrest as an additional service or as a replacement to your existing provider, we can offer a full suite of veterinary specific services.

For further information please call or email us.

    Telephone: 1800 673 373


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Vet News

  • Testing the efficacy of kitasamycin for use in the control and treatment of swine dysentery in experimentally infected pigs

    Wednesday, Sep 18 '19 05:30

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Diverse strains of Actinobacillus lignieresii isolated from clinically affected cattle in a geographically restricted area

    Monday, Sep 2 '19 01:25

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Classical swine fever in Victorian domestic pigs: evidence of disease freedom

    Monday, Sep 2 '19 01:23

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Primary immune‐mediated haemolytic anaemia: a retrospective long‐term study in 61 dogs

    Tuesday, Aug 27 '19 09:48

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Perceptions of anthrax in livestock from Victorian dairy farmers in the Goulburn‐Murray region of Victoria, Australia

    Friday, Aug 23 '19 02:04

    Australian Veterinary Journal, Volume 97, Issue 9, Page 333-335, September 2019. Read more...

Vet News

  • Rare sightings suggest mountain gorillas may delight in water play

    Wednesday, Sep 18 '19 01:00

    Some rare sightings of mountain gorillas splashing in water on their own suggest that our cousin primates play not just to learn skills but to have fun. Read more...

  • New electric eel species packs most powerful punch

    Monday, Sep 16 '19 08:00

    According to a new study, the infamous electric eel is not one species, but three; and one of the newly named species has a record breaking discharge. Read more...

  • How birds let squirrels know when it's safe to relax

    Saturday, Sep 14 '19 08:00

    Scientists know that squirrels respond to birds' threat calls. A new study finds that the chatter of birds at rest informs them when danger has passed. Read more...

  • Why do female bonobos have more sex with each other than with males?

    Friday, Sep 13 '19 08:00

    Female bonobos have frequent sexual interactions with other females — more so than they do with males. A new study aims to find out why. Read more...

  • How selective breeding has altered dogs' behavior

    Thursday, Sep 5 '19 12:00

    Different breeds of dogs display distinctive behaviors, but why? It may all come down to differences in brain structure following selective breeding. Read more...