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Enquiries from Vets

If you are from a veterinary practice looking to offer Petrest as an additional service or as a replacement to your existing provider, we can offer a full suite of veterinary specific services.

For further information please call or email us.

    Telephone: 1800 673 373


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Vet News

Vet News

  • How a parasitic fish could help us fight brain cancer and stroke

    Sunday, May 19 '19 05:00

    New research in mice suggests that molecules derived from a species of parasitic fish could help tackle cancer and other conditions in the brain. Read more...

  • Why don't whales develop cancer, and why should we care?

    Wednesday, May 15 '19 08:00

    Whales have a minimal risk of developing cancer, despite factors that may lead us to think otherwise. Why is this, and how can this knowledge help us? Read more...

  • Exploring spider venom's dual attack

    Saturday, May 11 '19 08:00

    A study of spider venom looks deeper into its molecular makeup than ever before. The findings may lead to treatments for neurological conditions. Read more...

  • A new wearable device may detect cancer with more precision

    Tuesday, Apr 2 '19 02:00

    Researchers are developing and testing a wearable device that can detect the presence of cancer cells in the bloodstream with greater accuracy. Read more...

  • Which people foods are safe for dogs?

    Friday, Feb 15 '19 09:00

    Foods that are safe for people can often be harmful to dogs, while others are nutritious for dogs to eat in moderation. Here, learn which human foods dogs can eat and which not to feed them. Read more...