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Enquiries from Vets

If you are from a veterinary practice looking to offer Petrest as an additional service or as a replacement to your existing provider, we can offer a full suite of veterinary specific services.

For further information please call or email us.

    Telephone: 1800 673 373


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Vet News

  • Pathologic fracture healing after femoral limb salvage in a dog

    Wednesday, Dec 4 '19 07:11

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Computed tomographic findings, surgical management and postoperative outcomes of large intermuscular lipomas in the hindlimb of 11 dogs

    Tuesday, Dec 3 '19 07:50

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Long‐term radiographic appearance of a bioabsorbable biocomposite tibial tuberosity advancement cage implant

    Tuesday, Dec 3 '19 12:01

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Applied anatomy, pathophysiology and a revised scoring system of bull sheaths

    Monday, Dec 2 '19 07:00

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

  • Toxicity of cytarabine constant rate infusion in dogs with high‐grade non‐Hodgkin lymphoma with bone marrow or central nervous system involvement

    Tuesday, Nov 26 '19 08:03

    Australian Veterinary Journal, EarlyView.

Vet News

  • Global warming may cause birds to shrink

    Tuesday, Dec 10 '19 10:00

    New research has analyzed trends in migratory bird size over a 38-year period and discovered a decline that may result from global warming. Read more...

  • Researchers find over 40 new species of fish in one lake

    Tuesday, Dec 10 '19 02:00

    Researchers have found dozens of new fish species in just one African lake — a feat of diversity. The find also proves a key point in evolutionary biology. Read more...

  • Only 'cat whisperers' can read felines' facial expressions

    Friday, Dec 6 '19 02:00

    New research finds that most people are unable to read cats' facial expressions, apart from a small group of so-called cat whisperers. Read more...

  • Why scientists are studying hibernation to tackle obesity

    Thursday, Dec 5 '19 02:00

    New research in hibernating mammals reveals that noncoding DNA may play a role in mechanisms related to obesity control in humans and other animals. Read more...

  • Are most dolphins 'right-handed,' too?

    Wednesday, Dec 4 '19 07:00

    After studying dolphins for 6 years, researchers have found that these mammals have a preference for their right sides, similar to human right-handedness. Read more...